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First Lady Marcell Gramling

First Lady

Evangelist Marcell Gramling was a lifetime member of the Baptist faith. She grew up in Saint Paul Community Baptist church in Geneva, New York under the leadership of her father the late Reverend Thomas Brinson and the late Reverend Brazil. Evangelist Gramling married her husband Pastor Harry Gramling in 1970 and God blessed their union with six beautiful children.

God called Evangelist Gramling in 1972 into the Holiness Faith C.O.G.I.C. in Auburn, New York. Evangelist Gramling then recieved her evangelist papers from C.O.G.I.C. under her pastor Elder Earnest Matthews. In 1980 she became a First Lady; her husband was moved by God to pastor the First Love C.O.G.I.C.

In 1998, Evangelist Marcell became a bishop's wife through the move of God founded by her husband Bishop Harry L. Gramling under the incorporation of The Church of God's revealed Truth Incorporated. Then after became ordained to preach the Gospel and is currently a member of the Church of God's Revealed Truth Inc. ministerial classes under the teaching of her husband Bishop Harry Gramling.

Evangelist Marcell Gramling is known as the church mother, the Sunday School Superintendent, President of the Women's Department and President and coordinator of the Church of God's Revealed Truth Incorporated Women's Retreat since 1999. Many programs have been established to meet the needs of the people such as women teaching classes, women's prayer bands in the home, leading community works, nursing home ministry in the city of Geneva, New York.

Elect Lady Gramling is fully dedicated to the ministry of winning souls. Supporting her husband, her local church and the incorporation, her dedication and diligence is shown in her everyday living, leading by example.

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