First Love Church of God's Revealed Truth

Meet Bishop Gramling

  •     The church began with a vision
  • from the Lord, in that He showed
  • the Bishop and Pastor H.L. Gramling,
  • "I have no place for my people
  • to go and be kept". This saying was
  • in the reference to the people
  • who are usually rejected by
  • many other churches.
  • These people being the
  • uneducated,alcoholics,the
  • not too well dressed,drug addicts...

Meet First Lady Gramling

  •    Evangelist Marcell Gramling was
  • a lifetime member of the Baptist faith
  • She grew up in Saint Paul Community
  • Baptist church in Geneva, New York
  • under the leadership of her father
  • the late Reverend Thomas Brinson
  • and the late Reverend Brazil.
  • Evangelist Gramling married her
  • husband Pastor Harry Gramling in
  • 1970 and God blessed their union
  • with six beautiful children.

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